Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Time Enough...

These summer days are flying past. School starts in a month and I'm already getting promotional emails promising to meet all my Halloween needs. (Easy there PB kids, I bought a couple of clearance duvet covers over a year ago. I'm not about to drop over one hundred dollars on a pirate costume.)
I'm not ready for fall, in any sense of the word. I don't have Wesley's school supplies or clothes purchased. But more importantly, my mind is not prepared to embrace the idea of my boy as a kindergartener. It feels like the curtain is closing on his babyhood. I blame Timehop for alot of this. They've been sending me tidbits of memories from his NICU days for the past month. When I read over my excitement about his first bottle (20 cc's!) I can't help but feel a little shocked and sad that we've come so quickly to the beginning of his school days.

See! He was this tiny baby just yesterday! You can't send a baby off to school!

There just hasn't been time enough. There were so many things I was supposed to be doing with him to get him "ready for kindergarten." Sight words, flashcards, and scissor practice! Oh my! To be perfectly honest we didn't do any of those things. Wesley starts nervous giggling and stuttering the minute anything resembling a flashcard comes out. And the thought of having scissors out in our home anywhere Thomas could reach it makes me start nervous gigging and stuttering. There just was never time enough.

Pictures don't lie, though. The boy is growing up.

But today, watching him play with his brothers I decided that it doesn't really matter. We have one more month of summer freedom. And that is time enough. Time enough for impromptu pancake breakfasts and early morning trips to Nana's house. Time enough for popsicles and blanket forts. Time enough for living room wrestle mania and couch snuggles. And time enough for me to take a deep breath, treasure my last glimpses of him as a preschooler, and prepare myself to be the mama of a school boy.

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